Makina is a new London-based design partnership whose members are united by a fascination with, and deep knowledge of, the possibilities of manufacturing processes applied to furniture. Sprung and Dodec are new commissions which launched the trio in 2015, followed by Totem I and II produced in 2016. The studio comprises Swedish-born Tom Hildell, Anglo-Iranian Omid Asghari and Australian designer Paolo de Jesus. Makina represent a multi-national mix of influences and tastes. 

Makina celebrates the combination of mechanized processes and industrial materials and techniques with high levels of artisanal hand skill, that come together in their philosophy and their furniture. 



The three designers pool ideas and expertise, the resultant pieces arising from their shared critique and judgment. 

Hildell and de Jesus managed production for David Gill Gallery where they gained in-depth experience with materials and fabrication methods. Asghari, a graduate of Brunel University, approaches design from a knowledge mathematics and mechanics. 

Makina makes its’ debut into contemporary design pieces with these new commissions for Andree Cooke.